Friday, May 10, 2013

Eclipse Foundation gets Java EE TCK scholarship

This has been a long time coming: Oracle grants compatibility testing scholarship to the Eclipse Foundation. This is similar to the program that Sun initiated years ago that allowed organizations like Apache to get access to many of the Test & Compatibility Kits (TCKs) for the Java platform. These agreements are surprisingly hard to get in place, because of the legal back-and-forth that inevitably is required to negotiate and review all of the documents, so it's great to see this one finally done and working!

Among other projects hosted at Eclipse is the reference implementation (RI) for the JPA standard, which is called EclipseLink. Coincidentally, this project is pretty close to identical to Oracle's TopLink product, which is the product that Oracle open-sourced at Eclipse and donated to the Java EE platform to serve as the JPA RI.

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